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Job Description

Government Relations Manager P&G Turkey and Caucasia

- Build and maintain a broad and diverse network of relevant Government bodies/officials, Industry/Trade Associations, professionals/consultants and policy thought-leaders and influencers at national/federal and regional levels.
- Provide P&G with local insights and sound GR counsel on national and regional Government legislation policies to accommodate current and future business initiatives, including regional Trade integration initiatives where they exist.
- Research and recommend novel approaches to expedite GR program execution and to improve chances of favorable outcome for P&G.
- Collect, compile, communicate and act as a repository of information for Government policy impacting the business, particularly in the areas of economic, investment and monetary policy, international Trade and tariff regulations, direct and indirect taxation, marketing, products & ingredient policy.

- Bachelor/Master Degree in Law/Economics/Political Science departments
- Multi-disciplinary background, preferably including training/experience in public policy, law, economic and political sciences and communication. Some experience in Government in Ankara is an asset.
- Solid understanding/work experience in project management and legislation/policy.
- Strong strategic thinking skills, Strong leadership skills, maturity, inscrutable integrity
- Ability to operate under conditions of stress and to handle multiple priorities, good collaboration skill
- Strong verbal and written communication in English
- Proven record of working on highly complex and sensitive issues
- Ability to operate autonomously and be a self-starter, highly organized and disciplined, solution-oriented, creative individual.
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