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Job Description

Supply Network Operations Internship in Spain (m/f)


Supply Network Operations (SNO) is the engine that accelerates value creation for P&G. Getting thousands of different products onto the shelves in our customer’s stores in the right quantities, at the right time and with perfect quality really does present a new challenge every day! The SNO organization is there to meet this challenge, which requires a strong multifunctional work, interacting with other functions both internally and externally.

Summary of Job Responsibilities:

During your internship experience in P&G, you will:

· Forecast customer demand

· Manage information flows from orders, shipments and invoices

· Work on the sales estimations for our products

· Design the supply chain setups for new products

· Manage logistical relations with a customer



The following conditions are needed in order to move the application forward on the process:

·Eligible for an internship (enrolled in the university or possibility to obtain a university agreement with strong academic results)

·Fluency in Spanish and excellent ability to communicate in English

·Available for a minimum of 6 months.

Soft Skills

We are looking for candidates that can demonstrate the following skills:

·are leaders who make things happen

·analytical thinkers and problem solvers

·excellent communicators

·set priorities and follow through on commitments

·work effectively with diverse groups of people

·demonstrate creativity, innovation and initiative

·have the passion to win

Sounds like you? Then, please apply online in English via the link below:
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