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Job Description

Research & Development - Research Scientist – Machine Learning - Singapore


We are looking for a talented Data Scientist to join our upstream Beauty Technology group. Our group is focused on delivering breakthrough, transformational new technology platforms for Beauty and Hair Care category.

Role Description

  • Develop / implement machine learning tools to extract insights from large proprietary image and text databases
  • Partner with technical experts in multi-functional teams to assess and innovate superior approaches for large-scale data analytics and integration
  • Help the team deploy models to practice and make frequent model improvements as new data is available


  • M.S/Ph.D. in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, or related field, relevant industrial experience is preferred
  • Good knowledge in a wide variety of advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques, and experience in developing solutions in response to real-world business problems
  • Experience in working with large unstructured datasets, deep Learning, computer vision algorithms and applying novel machine learning techniques to generate novel insights
  • Proficient with programming languages such as Python and R
  • Hands-on experience with Tensor Flow, Keras, MXnet, Caffe, Torch, or other deep learning framework
  • Familiarity with Linux environments, and setting up and executing machine learning tasks on AWS/Google Cloud/Microsoft Azure
  • Experience in working with common database platforms is a plus.
  • Skilled in rapid prototyping and quick experimentation in working with machine learning models
Job ID
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