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Job Description

Asia Customs Compliance - Associate Manager


This new role will be part of the International Trade organization, and will manage and oversee HS Classification work. This is an important area for the Company because, associated with the correctness of HS classification is significant compliance-risk and hard $ in terms of customs duties paid.

This person will have (or develop quickly) mastery over HS Classification. He / She will lead special projects in this area and lead a team of classification analysts. This person also will ensure other underlying customs requirements are met and will own the roll out of the Global process in Asia for HS classification. The individual will need to collaborate both internally and externally, ie. 3PL, 4PL as well as the government / customs authorities when necessary to resolve critical issues, as part of a team of experts both from with the Company and external consultants.

  1. Flawlessly manage ongoing HS Classification and related issue resolution across Asia
  2. Lead the Classification Team, and build the team’s capability not only in the technical / subject matter but in terms of other related skills;
  3. Existing lane validation and new lane set-up review;
  4. Leading the regional work processes/projects (eg. Turning on the global process for HS classification country by country; Saving projects, Simplification projects..etc)
  5. Identifying savings ideas, tools & processes for better productivity / simplification.


  1. 2-5 years prior experience in supply chain related function is preferred for this role, with knowledge in Harmonized System (HS) classification, Free Trade Agreements, etc
  2. Strong academic credentials -
  3. Experience in managing team/ projects is preferred for this role
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Problem solving skills; analytical ability.
  6. Communications skills
  7. Collaboration skills
  8. Microsoft office fluency
  9. Sense of Ownership

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