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Job Description

Consumer & Market Knowledge - Winter Intern - Korea


Job Description

Are you a natural at analyzing data & framing it in a logical and compelling way? Do you have a natural curiosity for understanding what drives consumer behavior? If so, then a role in the Consumer and Market Knowledge (CMK) organization may be for you! Our core work is the integration of consumer, shopper and market understanding to catalyze business growth across all of our bands. We uncover, interpret and champion consumer insights to inspire winning brand strategies. CMK Managers influence the direction of our businesses by:

Generating deep insights and integrated stories to grow brand leadership

Delivering robust strategy and portfolio choices

Delivering successful initiatives, whole brand performance and maximizing ROI of marketing and in-store activities.


Key Requirements

- South Korean citizen. Legally eligible to work in Korea

- Must be university graduate, or expected to graduate university by Aug 2018

- Must have no restrictions in travelling overseas

- Must have completed military service or be exempt, if applicable

- Major/Department: No restriction. All majors can qualify

- Must have: strong leadership, strategic thinking skills, passion for winning, strong communication skill in both Korean and English

Application Process

- 홈페이지( “Apply Now”에 있는 Application Guidelines FAQ 확인한 후, ”Search Jobs”에 접속하여 원하는 모집군을 검색 및 선택(중복 지원시 탈락 – 한 전형, 한 직무만 지원 가능)한 후 입사 원서 작성이 가능합니다.
- 지원기간 마감 이후 이력서 수정은 불가능하며, 별도의 우편 접수는 받지 않습니다.

Application Deadline

2017년 10월 17일 11:59PM

Recruiting Process & Schedule

1. 서류전형 (Resume & Cover Letter 접수 및 온라인 테스트 완료): 2017년 10월 17일 11:59PM 마감
2. 필기시험 (서류 통과 후 선호 타임 선택 가능): 10월 30~11월 1일 예정 (변동가능)
3. 면접전형 (면접은 서류전형시 제출한 Resume & Cover Letter을 바탕으로 함) : 11월 6일 이후


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