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Job Description

Consumer Market Knowledge Manager - Panama


The goal of Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK) is to drive consumer and shopper insights into the business, predict and maximize business initiatives and lead fast cycle learning through innovative research tools. Core competencies include 1) development, analysis and application of consumer/shopper databases and models, 2) knowledge through analyses of multiple sources such as primary and secondary research, the internet and others to understand how key components affect initiative success i.e. product, price, selling proposition, marketing plan and in-store elements. Experience in Media is a must and designing and analyzing research for initiatives, working in a Business Unit team to answer business questions and project management.

As a CMK Manager, you can look forward to working in a Business Unit or Customer team. Your initial focus will be to learn the business to which you are assigned and the fundamentals of consumer, retailer and market research design and analysis. You will be viewed as the consumer expert for the brands in which you are responsible and thus will work closely with your business team to answer business questions. You will be responsible for designing and analyzing research for initiatives, leading and managing projects and making strong strategic recommendations to grow the business.

  • Experience in media and analytical capabilities
  • Strong leadership skill by envisioning, direction setting and problem solving; creativity & innovation; initiative & follow-through; communication; and priority setting.
  • English proficiency
  • Residency in Panama
Job ID
Panama, Panamá, Panama

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