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Job Description

Associate Manager - Supply Network Operations


The Product Supply / Logistics organization ensures our products reach retail customers on time, in the right quantity and in perfect condition. This includes demand forecasting, supply chain planning, logistics project with customers and suppliers, and managing P&G warehousing and transportation operations. Your career will begin either as:

  • A Demand Forecasting Manager, responsible for supply chain planning of one or several our business
  • A Customer Team Logistics Manager responsible for improving the supply change process of P&G's customers working in conjunction with a Sales Team,
  • A Distribution Services Team Leader working in P&G physical distribution system responsible for transportation, warehousing and cross border activities, or
  • An Order Management Team Leader responsible for order acquisition and process.

We offer opportunities to:
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of people from different departments (Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing sites, Suppliers, Sales) and countries to deliver key results.
  • Understand how P&G manage its supply chain, from purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing products and delivery of products to the market.
  • Lead work process improvement and supply chain responsiveness. This involves inventory reduction, increasing product availability, cost reduction and shortening the supply chain to increase responsiveness, Job Scope, Location, Salary Range.


- Bachelor Degree / Masters Degree with minimum 2 years of relevant experience. (Engineering Disciplined Preferred)
- Desirable attributes include strong analytical capability, attention to details and numeric/system driven.
- Demonstrate strong leadership and operational discipline. Able to be very hands on and drive execution.
- Able to work effectively with other people and posses strong communication skills.
- Have a keen interest in the commercial and customer aspects of business.

Job ID
Karachi, Sind, Pakistan

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