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Job Description

Associate Manager - Product Supply (India)


The Product Supply function of P&G delivers sustained competitive advantage through Customer service, Quality, Cost and capital employed. The roles could be under any of the following :


- Contract Supplier Capacity

- Build capability for reliable deliveries

- Benchmark prices

- Buying of Services


- Effectively manage Plant Processes

- Build Work Systems and Capabilities

Site Integrated Planning

- Production Planning

- Raw Material/Packaging Material Planning

Plant Projects (Engineering & Technical Support)

- Standardize Processes & Specifications

- Build Supplier & Plant Capabilities

- Build Equipment Reliability


Qualifications - External

Bachelor of Engineering/B.Tech

MBA (Not Mandatory)

Desirable characteristics include strong analytical capability, demonstrated leadership, the ability to work effectively with other people, strong communication skills, and a keen interest in the commercial and customer aspects of business.

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