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Job Description

HUMAN RESOURCES - Dream Internship 2018 – Vietnam


P&G is a leading global consumer goods company whose winning brands are built around the model of innovation. Whatever your passion is, we want to ignite your potential to become your very best self. We hold true to our purpose, values and principles as we seek to make a difference in the world around us. You will engage in meaningful work that will touch the lives of others and have a real impact. Everything at P&G starts with understanding - understanding our consumers and our employees as we innovate to improve lives now and for generations to come.

Why P&G Dream Internship and What’s it about?

The P&G Internship Program is a holistic 2 months program designed to give students an intensive immersion in the exciting and challenging corporate environment of P&G. Undergraduates accepted into the program are each entrusted with a live, individual, business project to lead, own, and execute over the course of their internship with us. Each intern receives a customized learning plan to ensure they get the right levels of coaching, mentorship, and formal training as they deliver their work at P&G.

What to do as an HR Intern in P&G?

As an HR Intern, you will be responsible for leading organizations through recruitment, training, assessment, design, transition, work process improvements or working directly with a certain group. You don't come & observe our works or to write thesis report – you will have truly meaningful projects to lead and work on.

You will benefit from training and coaching from experienced managers giving you great insights into the colourful job of a HR PROFESSIONAL. You will work closely with the HR team and also with the other functions of the company providing you with a broad but deep knowledge of the company operation.

Just so you know:

  • P&G offers paid internships, typically lasting 8-10 weeks while you work on projects that provide exposure to tackle current issues.
  • You will be working full-time from Monday to Friday at P&G Head Office in Hochiminh City.
  • All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment
  • The exact starting date of internship can be flexible based on student’s availability.
  • Financial support is provided for students who need to relocate for the internship.


What to know before click “Apply”?

We are looking for students that leads and make things happen , analytical thinkers and problem solvers, with excellent communications skills, who set priorities, make commitments, work effectively with diverse groups of people and demonstrates creativity, innovation and initiative capacity. Ideal candidate will be:

  • Local Vietnamese.
  • An undergraduate student in penultimate year, any major background.
  • Have a strong drive to lead, a hunger to learn, a thirst to overcome barriers, a ceaseless passion to win, and an interest in pursuing a career at P&G.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and strong analytical capability
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong English & Vietnamese verbal and writing skill
  • Interested in pursuing a career at P&G after graduation

How to Apply?

  1. Click on “Apply” button to apply online and take the online assessment
  2. Take the Offline Reasoning Test
  3. Pass the Resume Screening in the Function you are applying for
  4. Pass the Comprehensive Interviews in the Function you apply for

Tips for Resume?

Your resume should be 2 pages maximum and contain the following information:

  • Your complete name and contact details, university and degree, year of graduation
  • Academic history and key results, including GPA and any other scholastic achievements
  • Your top 3-5 leadership experiences and achievements to date. Include 2-3 sentences to describe your specific role, the interventions you made and results achieved
  • Other relevant projects, research work, competitions, business ventures, athletic organizations, or internship experiences you have been part of.

Want to interact with us?

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