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Job Description

Consumer & Market Knowledge Function - China Brand Operation CMK Manager - Guangzhou, China


The purpose of this role is to drive total brand growths in China by enabling media operation insights in the following areas:

  1. Develop, validate and implement media measurement, reporting & analytic capability in multi-screen world in China via single source panel management.
  2. Lead development of analytics capability of big data as it relates to consumer insights & analytics and drive business applications, e.g. consumer path to purchase decoding, multi-touch point attribution model, etc.
  3. Create strong connections and networks across the Sectors and Business Units to drive full utilization.

Strong Mastery on China Digital / Media / E-commerce and Big Data – Given the uniqueness of China media/digital environment, the needs to drive application of standard measurements and new innovations, and the context of majority of digital/media/eCom will be available in unstructured big data, you should have a strong understanding of the media / digital environment and technical mastery in big data analytic in China.

You must possess the ability to envision, engage up and across, energize and enable broadly, and execute thoroughly. Much of your leadership will take the form of project management as well as implementation influential, so you must be able to follow through to manage and drive project execution, then drive excitement among both peers and upper management, gain their commitment to your vision and recommendations, and foresee and overcome any barriers that might arise.

You must be a good listener and be well-connected to the business leaders and needs in the Sectors and SMOs, as this role exists to support them and address the common media/trade questions that exist across categories and regions. Because business needs can change quite quickly, you must be agile enough to adapt quickly, as priorities will regularly change depending on insight needs.

Given the fact this is an expert role, you should have a strong understanding of the core big data platforms and competency areas. You will be an expert consultant to both Sector and SMO CMK managers, so you must be highly credible. You must also have enough business mastery to understand how to use your knowledge to influence business results, drive activation, and create sticky and compelling insights.

All of our hiring in China will follow the China Government Employment Regulation, foreign candidate applying for mainland China's position should comply with local laws and regulations on foreigner employment management, please kindly visit the following website to understand more of this regulation.
Please kindly input your name in both Chinese characters and Pinyin when you fill in the form. Thank you!
Job ID
Guangzhou(Canton), Guangdong, China

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