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Job Description

Full-time Entry Level Manager - Campus Recruiting - China (校园招聘 - 全职职位 - 2018年应届毕业生职位)


When you meet P&G, a LEADER is born!

P&G is now looking for Year 2018 fresh graduates to join our company as full time entry level manager in different functions. We believe that we are in a very good position to offer you a variety of career options across geographies, sectors and business units.

In P&G, you will find tremendous opportunities to achieve your career aspiration. Learn from the best experts in the world. Fulfill your dreams. We are committed to "building from within" and developing world class business leaders.

Meanwhile, you will be given Exciting & Meaningful Work, Early Responsibilities, Best-In-Class Training, Competitive Compensation and Benefits, and nurtured by the People Oriented Culture and Work Environment.

We target fresh graduates across the nation but we will centralize our recruiting activities in the following recruiting cities. Since each function has specific recruiting plan in different cities, please read through the following carefully and make your city and function choice right in the upcoming questions regarding to this:

  1. Function Choice - select the function you will apply for our job. If your preferred function has NO recruiting plan in your preferred recruiting city, you may choose another city which is most convenient to you. To note, you will need to travel to this city to join the recruiting qualification activities later.
  2. City Choice - select the recruiting city you will join our recruiting activities, which including recruiting test and interviews.


  1. Once you choose the function, we will treat it as your FINAL decision and we will assess your qualification based on this.

  2. If you choose a function which does not have the recruiting plan in your selected recruiting city, we will treat the information INVALID.

Recruiting City & Function List

  1. BeiJing
    - Brand Management, Finance & Accounting, Research & Development, Sales (CBD)

  2. ChangChun
    - Sales (CBD)

  3. ChengDu
    - Finance & Accounting, Sales (CBD)

  4. DaLian
    - Information Technology, Product Supply

  5. Guangzhou
    - Brand Management, Consumer & Market Knowledge, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Product Supply, Sales (CBD)

  6. Haerbin
    - Product Supply

  7. HangZhou
    - Brand Management, Finance & Accounting, Product Supply, Research & Development, Sales (CBD)

  8. HongKong
    - Brand Management, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Sales (CBD)

  9. NanJing
    - Brand Management

  10. Shanghai
    - Brand Management, Consumer & Market Knowledge, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Product Supply, Sales (CBD)

  11. TianJin
    - Finance & Accounting, Product Supply, Research & Development

  12. WuHan
    - Product Supply, Sales (CBD)

  13. XiAn
    - Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Product Supply, Sales (CBD)

To learn more information about each function, please visit our career website at


We are looking for candidates who have the following qualifications and traits:

1. It's a Must to have a Bachelor's degree or above.

2. Strong capabilities to lead and develop a diverse team.

3. Strong problem solving with technical mastery and innovative solutions.
4. Think and act decisively to make optimal use of the situation whilst keeping the goal in mind.
5. Good oral and written English communication skills.

Please write your name in both English (PinYin) and Chinese when filling out the application form in the upcoming application.

All of our hiring in China will follow the China Government Employment Regulation, foreign candidate applying for mainland China's position should comply with local laws and regulations on foreigner employment management, please kindly visit the following website to understand more of this regulation.

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