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Job Description

Information Technology (IT) - Internship

In Information Technology (IT), information is our unique asset, decisions are what we enable, and solutions are what we deliver for P&G’s global businesses. Professionals in IT lead the way in analytics, business technology mastery, project management, and business transformation, shaping not only P&G but the entire IT industry. IT Leaders connect business needs and information technology possibilities to transform P&G, digitizing from End-to-End. In IT, you will partner with multi-functional teams and strategic suppliers to deliver best-in-class solutions and services. We operate like internal consultants for our business partners, solving problems and providing business value through innovative digital solutions. We transform the way P&G does business.
Solution Analysts at P&G are:
1 - Domain Experts: Whether you will work on solutions to serve Sales and Commercial Departments, Consumer and Media related activities, Employees management or Financial Services, you are expected to grow an expert in these fields to design the best solutions that fit the business needs.
· 2 - Project Managers: You will work in medium to large scale projects, aimed at serving needs at least at regional level, if not global ones, working with multi-functional teams. As such you will need strong management skills to understand where the team needs to get, how it should get there and make it happen.
· 3 - Business Transformers: The role of IT is to develop and deploy cutting edge solutions that transform the way business is done, to simplify day-to-day work and maximize the return of our efforts, to bring everyday more products, to more consumers, in more innovative ways.
· 4 - Technology Masters: We want to transform the business in a way that will maintain P&G at a leadership position. To do so, you will need an acute knowledge of technology or have a strong interest in technology innovations, to understand where and how to make technology a competitive advantage.
You will be expected to:
· 1 - Proactively search for improved ways to run business processes and/or applications
· 2 - Manage your own time effectively and eventually coordinate others and/or contractors
· 3 - Build collaborative relationships with the multifunctional teams you need to interact with
· 4 - Proactively communicate the status of the project, activities and help to remove roadblocks
· 5 - Build your own capability through the job experience, coaching/training for skills and business/technologies/applications knowledge building.
Duration: From 3 to 6 months
We are seeking students who are leaders who make things happen, analytical thinkers and problem solvers, and excellent communicators. We are looking for individuals who set priorities and follow through on commitments, who work effectively with diverse groups of people, and who demonstrate creativity, innovation and initiative.
Background :
1st, 2nd year or last year from Top engineering or business School
Job ID
IT 00001013
Morocco ,Center ,Casablanca

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