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Job Description

LegaL Function - Counsel - Beijing, China


This position is for a Counsel (patent attorney + licensed as general law attorney) in Procter & Gamble’s Asia Legal organization. The position is located at P&G’s Beijing Innovation Center and supports the company’s expanding R&D operations in Beijing. We are expecting the candidate is currently living in mainland China. The successful candidate will have independent responsibility for a given technology area within the company’s overall Asia operations. The role requires technical mastery in the area of patent law. A Counsel is expected to identify connections among legal theories, business problems, the external legal environment, and overall risk management in the intellectual property (IP) area. This is accomplished through intellectual property client counseling and related services such as patent application preparation & prosecution, agreements, freedom to practice opinions, agreement preparation and negotiation, providing support for IP enforcement, training for P&G personnel IP / patent matters, and compliance.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Position has a focus on patents and is likely tied to a business unit of the company.
  2. Serve as the single point of contact for a select group of R&D clients within Asia.
  3. Ensure daily work in Asia is done with a global perspective to protect company’s interest around the world.

  1. BS, MS, and/or PhD in technical field from university. Suitable fields include life sciences, chemistry, engineering, etc. 拥有生命科学、化学、工程等领域的本科、硕士或博士的学位。

  2. Local or foreign patent certification (e.g., Chinese patent attorney).具有国内或国外的专利代理人资格证。

  3. Local or foreign attorney-at-law certification (e.g., Chinese bar examination).具有国内或国外的律师资格证(例如已通过中国司法考试)。

  4. 2-4 years of relevant work experience in patent law (i.e., at a law firm or a multinational company). 2-4年与专利法相关的工作经验。(在专利事务所或外资企业)。

  5. Patent preparation/prosecution, infringement opinions, IP enforcement, agreement drafting & negotiation, licensing are all considered relevant prior experience.有关撰写专利申请文件/答复审查意见,侵权行为意见,IP执行,合同的撰写与谈判,技术转让等方面的工作均被考虑为相关经验.

  6. Strong analytical skills as well as the ability to work individually and on a team.具有很强的分析能力, 能够独立完成工作并具有团队合作意识。

  7. An ability to communicate and present information clearly and concisely, and to make presentations and recommendations to business management on areas of risk and situation management.能够清楚简洁的表达和陈述意见,能向业务领导层对法律风险和相应措施作演讲陈述并给出建议.

  8. Additional IP and/or commercial experience is advantageous.有额外的专利或商务法工作经验的优先考虑。

  9. Position is for a local position in Beijing, China with expectation of having/developing regional expertise. ·Will involve global interaction with legal, business, and technical counterparts and colleagues.此职位是设立在中国北京的本地职位,希望申请人熟知本地的相关法律法规.此职位会和全球跨地区的法律部门,业务部门以及技术部门的同事同行合作工作。

  10. Must be authorized to live and work permanently in China for P&G’s local Beijing entity. 在中国北京永久居住并工作。

  11. Language语言要求

    1. High level of English proficiency is required as evidenced in written form and oral communication skills. All communications and work products are executed in English, e.g., patent applications.英语书写和口语具有很高的水平,工作语言和工作文书均为英语,例如用英语撰写发明申请.

    2. Native level ability in Mandarin.母语是中文普通话.

All of our hiring in China will follow the China Government Employment Regulation, foreign candidate applying for mainland China's position should comply with local laws and regulations on foreigner employment management, please kindly visit the following website to understand more of this regulation.

Please kindly input your name in both Chinese characters and Pinyin when you fill in the form. Thank you!

Job ID
Beijing, Beijing, China

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