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Job Description

Clinical Scientist

Job Description: Responsible for leading the clinical science and associated studies/programs in support of technology, products, and claims development.
Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Establish and maintain relationships with alliance partners, external companies, investigators, academicians and opinion leaders to optimize clinical development
  • Deliver claims development/defense (e.g., Proof‐of‐Claims, internal risk assessments/approvals, etc.)
  • Provide scientific credentialing through external publication and presentations
  • Act as the lead Scientist on clinical research projects
  • Provide expertise for study design of clinical trial protocols
  • Develop clinical study models and measures
  • Evaluate clinical analysis for trends, insights, and innovations
  • Prepare clinical study reports in conjunction with other clinical execution team members
  • Contribute to the development of standard operating procedures for clinical trials
  • Adhere to all aspects of the quality systems and standard operating procedures
  • Comply with Procter & Gamble’s data integrity and business ethics requirements

Technical research and innovation are the cornerstone of P&G's success. P&G is the first and foremost a research and development Company and R&D is the lifeblood of the business. As soon as you begin working for R&D, you are assigned a project of great responsibility while being taught the technical and management skills you need to be successful in the long term. You will provide leadership in research, technology development and project execution resulting in new and/or improved products, processes and methodologies, assist in defining the company's innovation strategies across product, process, packaging or other key technical elements. You may also direct and train junior researchers. You will interact with both regional and global colleagues from many functions and countries.

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Training and Qualifications:
  • Excellent analytical and research skills
  • Extensive knowledge of scientific and medical/clinical data interpretation
  • Mastery of scientific methodology
Preferred Education or Equivalent Experience:
MS or PhD in a relevant scientific discipline, bio-science/biology research experience is preferred, dermatologist is most preferred.

All of our hiring in China will follow the China Government Employment Regulation, foreign candidate applying for mainland China's position should comply with local laws and regulations on foreigner employment management, please kindly visit the following website to understand more of this regulation.

Please kindly input your name in both Chinese characters and Pinyin when you fill in the form. Thank you!

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