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Job Description

Logistics - Product Supply Manager - Thailand


Procter & Gamble has been recognized as leading the way in the development and usage of best supply chain practices. As a member of the Customer Service Logistics team, your role in our well-coordinated logistic effort is vitally important. You will:
• Be part of the supply chain management which starts from quality demand planning forecast to delivery execution to customers.
• Own processes that support the flow of materials and product to and from P&G facilities
• Be responsible for leading Total Supply Chain Improvement Projects that will reduce cost, improve service, and remove time from the supply chain
• Be expected to identify opportunities, develop action plans, and lead improvement teams across multiple sites, organizations, and functions
• Be responsible to deliver key results for the business and build systems to sustain the improvements
• Develop strategies that will keep us leading the marketplace in logistics services
• Manage logistics information, customer orders and the prompt delivery of finished product to our trade customers
We hire individuals who wish to see the direct results of their efforts as they influence Consumer Value through increased Supply Chain efficiency. Opportunities abound to find innovative and creative ways to resolve issues and make process improvements as you participate in strategic planning/business planning activities.

We offer a diverse and dynamic environment where you will be able to utilize your current skills and experiences, while you develop new ones. You will assist in developing leading edge applications and technologies. You'll interact with our trade customers, carriers and our suppliers. You'll be offered major responsibilities early-on. You will develop through a variety of on-the-job experiences and specialized training.

Based in Chachoengsao

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A variety of college degrees, both undergraduate and graduate, are held by people successful in Logistics.
Opportunities exist for experienced (at least 3 years) applicants.
Desirable characteristics include strong analytical capability, demonstrated leadership, the ability to work effectively with other people, fluency in English and strong communication skills, and a strong interest in the commercial and customer aspects of business.
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Chachoengsao, Thailand

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