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Behind the Scenes with Finance & Accounting

Meet Famatta! Famatta works in Finance and Accounting, where she has gained experience working on projects with the NFL and the Olympics. She is one of many team members who helps keep these projects, as well as many other big initiatives, on budget. But at P&G, finance is about more than just numbers and dollars. What Famatta truly loves about working on the finance team is that not only are you trusted with large budgets and responsibilities right away, you also have the opportunity to work on many different projects, from baby care to brand operations.

There are a variety of roles you can find in the P&G Finance and Accounting department:

Global Business Unit

Financial Analyst – Use your knowledge of business to analyze risks, initiatives and opportunities to ensure the creation of a great product or program.

Cost Analyst – Our Cost Analysts know a good opportunity when they see one. This is why we trust them when making decisions that impact our cost savings.

Sales and Marketing Operations

Customer Business Development Analyst/Market Strategy Analyst – Customers drive revenue, which drives our brand. Our Customer Business Development Analysts and Market Strategy Analysts work with our customers to manage our revenue and improve our brand.

Customer Accounting Manager – Our Customer Accounting Managers have all of their eyes surveying all aspects of our customer accounting.

Global Business Services

Assistant Service Manager – Our Assistant Service Managers are the best in class and are integral in the development of our best-in-class services.

Corporate Function

Internal Controls Auditor – Keeping all our finances running smoothly are our Internal Control Auditors.

Corporate Accountant – Our Corporate Accountants drive stewardship, governance and compliance.

Tax Analyst – To help keep P&G on the road to long-term success, our Tax Analysts manage our tax affairs and help make important business decisions on a global level.

“At P&G, finance is about more than just numbers. We are really involved with the strategy, making sure everyone is thinking about the end picture.”

At P&G, our Finance and Accounting team helps us succeed with customers, consumers, and shareholders alike. So, if you’re a numbers person looking for career with plenty of opportunities, explore our openings in Finance and Accounting today.

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