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Behind the Scenes in Engineering

Meet Niro, an Engineer on our Baby Care Research & Development team (specifically Global Material Development & Supply Organization). What does that mean? He tackles challenges head-on in the development of diapers. As an R&D Engineer, Niro is able to determine how to utilize new technology to better our brands and meet our consumers’ needs. Along with his group, he identifies new process breakthroughs and helps ensure the business runs as a well-oiled, safe and productive machine. Never fear – it’s not all work in his section! Niro’s team likes to engage in a little foosball during lunch to decompress. Like many P&G-ers, Niro and his team feel like somewhat of a work family and find it important to invest in each other.

“As an engineering student in college, you don’t necessarily understand all the things you can do in the real world. Here at Procter & Gamble, there’s a wide breadth of engineering disciplines all across the company. Ultimately, there’s endless opportunities here at P&G in terms of what you can do.”

Our Engineers can follow several paths:

Research & Development Engineering

Our R&D Engineers connect with consumers to understand their product and packaging needs, develop product formulas, and establish and assess competitive product performance. They then convert these ideas, concepts and technologies into commercially feasible chemical, mechanical and packaging processes.

  • Formulation Engineers develop formulas that deliver breakthrough performance, utilizing chemical and biological technology to drive technical advantages in a variety of areas, including: household cleaning, absorbency, health and well-being, and beauty and grooming products.
  • Product Research Engineers connect with consumers to understand their product needs and translate these insights into technical requirements and prototypes for breakthrough product and package experiences.
  • Process Engineers convert ideas, concepts and technologies into commercially feasible chemical and mechanical processes.
  • Packaging Engineers collaborate with other R&D experts, advertising, art, package design, manufacturing and suppliers to develop technically sophisticated packages and delivery systems that add performance advantage to P&G products.

Product Supply Engineering

Our Product Supply Engineers conceptualize, define, design, start up and optimize the chemical and converting processes, packaging systems and control systems to manufacture our products.

  • Technical/Process Engineers manage the overall engineering process to create and select equipment to support new product ideas.
  • Automation Engineers generate and execute process control strategies for chemical processes, high-speed converting and packaging equipment. They also provide the scope, control system and software design, and start-up support for new process and machine systems. They play a key role in developing innovative automation systems, control information networks, and vision and robotic systems.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our Manufacturing Engineers analyze and improve the performance of high-speed production equipment and control systems to meet ever-changing consumer demand.

  • Process Engineers are involved in the lines and process; utilize human and technical resources in a fast-paced, challenging environment; work to create our products; and continually improve our equipment and process systems.

Is solving problems your thing? Do you want to be part of a team making sure everything runs smoothly? Explore our available Engineering roles around the globe today.

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